Review: ‘Simple Passion’, by Annie Ernaux, tr. Tanya Leslie

Intense passion does not last forever; it is brief, fleeting, abrupt, just like Simple Passion. Released by Fitzcarraldo Editions in Tanya Leslie’s brilliant translation, Ernaux’s latest English release encapsulates all that is great about her writing in a concise forty-eight pages.  A novella of autobiographical fiction, Simple Passion follows an unnamed, middle-aged, female narrator as she documents twoContinue reading “Review: ‘Simple Passion’, by Annie Ernaux, tr. Tanya Leslie”

Review: ‘Crocodile Tears’, by Mercedes Rosende, tr. Tim Gutteridge

Crocodile Tears, by Mercedes Rosende, is the latest publication from Bitter Lemon Press. Expertly translated from the Spanish by Tim Gutteridge, this crime fiction novella is the publishers first release from Uruguay, and Rosende’s first appearance in English. The intriguing plot begins in a dismal prison visiting room, where we meet Diego, recently charged withContinue reading “Review: ‘Crocodile Tears’, by Mercedes Rosende, tr. Tim Gutteridge”

Review: ‘London Under Snow’, by Jordi Llavina, tr. Douglas Suttle

After what has been an incredibly stressful year for the entire world, this Christmas I was looking forward to spending my two weeks off reading the pile of books that was nervously stacking up by the side of my bed. Top of my list was London Under Snow, by Jordi Llavina, translated by Douglas Suttle. IContinue reading “Review: ‘London Under Snow’, by Jordi Llavina, tr. Douglas Suttle”